• On Location:
  • BEACH SESSION: Beach sessions are always a favorite and Coronado Beach is a world class location! Sessions are scheduled beginning about an hour before sunset and since there is only one sunset per night, book early! Clothing is very important for a pleasing portrait look so PLEASE plan to coordinate attire. Jeans and white collared shirts are a simple, go to choice. Solid Polo shirts with khaki pants is also a great pick. Long pants for men and Capri length pants or a longer skirt for ladies is suggested. This will more easily allow for seated posing. Kids can pretty much get away with anything. Please wear shoes that are easily removed. Also, the less skin that shows the better, this allows attention to go to the faces. Please avoid sleeveless tops, Hawaiian shirts, busy patterns and neon colors. Previews are shared on line and available no more than 3 days after the shoot. Proof prints are available with deposit.
  • Session Fees start at $249.00 with prints and digital products additional.
  • GARDEN SESSION: The grounds of The Del offer several wonderful outdoor locations and are not as time sensitive for optimum lighting. Attire suggestions and pricing are the same same as above but these sessions work any time of day except high noon. Attire can also be more formal for these garden sessions and this location is ideal for pre-dinner groups.
  • INDOOR SESSIONS: We can arrange for indoor sessions. Please let us know your specific needs and expectations.